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Noses and Whisker Pet Photos – Honorable Mentions

For the first week of May, we called for nose and whisker pet photos (because we just can get enough of pet noses)! We thank you for the hundreds of photos that came in and kept us smiling all week long. I wish I had the time to upload each one, but in the meantime, here is just a sample of some of our favorites and the variety of nose photos we received.

Pink noses

pink dog nose up close
Honey, shared by Allegra F.
orange cat looking up
Peter, shared by Christine F

Black noses

dog black nose outside
Bailey, shared by Katie M.
border collie dog nose
Flyy, shared by Jamie Z

Colorful noses

gold dog colored black nose
Artie, shared by Kelly Ann T.
white dog pink nose
Apollo, shared by Julie L.
black pink cat nose
Bobby, shared by Rosabel A.

Long noses

italian greyhoud nose
Lucia, shared by Stephen J.

Short noses

bulldog nose
Tator Tot, shared by Natalie W.
black pug
Walter, shared by Jen

Puppy noses

tiny doxie dachshund puppy face
Nestle, shared by Erin C.
weimaraner puppy sleeping
Cali, shared by April M.
lab puppy sleeping
Cash, shared by Sarah D.
shar pei dog nose wrinkles puppy
Otis, shared by Kate M.

Snowy noses

shar pei snow nose
LuLu shared by Eric H.
snowy doberman dog outside
Sasha, shared by Shawn J.
black dog outside in snow
Sapphire, shared by Cathy S.

Dirty noses

sandy dirty dog outside
Kepler, shared by Jessica D.

Silly nose poses

dog teeth nose face cute silly
Iptay shared by Maureen P.
orange cat upside down
Rocko shared by Stella C
cat yawn
Photo shared by Trista W.
dog noses in fence
Lilah, Tucker, and Jasper, shared by Susan W.

Big whiskers

black and white cat
Timmie, shared by Diane F.
black and white cat open mouth
Sly, shared by Linda B.
black cat
Sanchez, shared by Sylke L.
white cat whiskers
Mr. Smegul shared by Amanda B.

Thank you again to everyone who sent in a photo!

Our randomly selected winner is Sharlene G. and her photo of Gallagher!

orange smiling cat

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