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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Foxtail in Dog’s Nose

sleeping mixed breed dog

green foxtail plant

This time of year, our pets are spending more time outside and there are more foxtails than ever which means the odds your pet will have a foxtail incident are greatly increased.

Foxtails are plant parts that serve to disperse grass seeds. They are composed of a hard tip and several spikelets which easily cling onto pet fur.


It is important to keep your pet from contact with foxtails or pluck them off when found because they can irreversibly burrow into your pet’s ears, nose, paws, and skin, causing great pain and potential infection.

Kylie the 8-year-old mixed breed dog loves exploring in the fields where there happen to be many foxtails. She recently had an incident with a foxtail making its way up her nose which earned her a trip to the emergency veterinary clinic. Veterinarians gave Kylie anesthesia so they could retrieve the foxtail from her nose.

Kylie's temporary foxtail protection
Kylie’s temporary foxtail protection

While it took Kylie a few days to recover from the whole ordeal, she is now feeling much better and also has protection against future foxtails! Her owner purchased the OutFox Field Guard which is a mask that protects dogs’ faces from foxtails so that Kylie can continue to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Because it took a few days for the mask to arrive, Kylie’s owner assembled a makeshift protective mask in the meantime (pictured on the right).

If your pet enjoys exploring or playing in areas that are populated with foxtails, it is recommended that you protect him/her with a mask like this and be sure to thoroughly examine your pet and remove any stuck on foxtails after play time.

Total claim amount: $737.80
Deductible applied: -$250.00
Ineligible costs (exam fee): -$94.70
10% co-insurance: -$39.31
Trupanion repaid: $353.79

Thank you so much to Marcia for sharing Kylie’s story with us!

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