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Pet of the Week: Lola

beagle inside with hanger

This is Lola. She just turned 9 months old on April 25th. She is a loving, smart little beagle with a ton of energy. She keeps mommy and daddy on their toes that’s for sure!!!
Her favorite toy is her rubber squeaky pig and as you can tell from this picture she is a good helper when it comes to folding laundry 🙂 We adopted her in September 2012 at 8 weeks old from Beagle Paws Kelowna. We can’t imagine a day without her. She’s our fir baby.
Her favorite spots include on the couch staring out the window or snuggled up with us on the couch. She is a huge snuggler!!! Her nicknames are Lolie and Sweet Pea 🙂

Thank you Reanne for sharing your sweet puppy with us! What an absolute cutie!!

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