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This Week in Testimonials – 5/10

Shoutout to our pet insurance company @Trupanion for helping us give Lilly-cat good care. -@jwcornish

Thanks to pet insurance company @Trupanion for helping make Lefty’s care at MAH possible! -@muskokavet

orange tabby cat Trupanion insured

Here is my Rocko who has been covered by Trupanion since his adoption on Christmas of 2009 and been insured since 2010. He loves that he treat him like our child (which he is) and grateful for good pet insurance for those just in case moments in life… -Stella C.

white cat on floor Trupanion

this is Ayla. she’s almost fully healed from emergency surgery in March. i’m so grateful we have TruPanion! -Erin B.

pug in cone Trupanion pet insurance

Thank you Trupanion for helping us nurse our beloved Paco back to health! Your team is amazing, service incredible and the compassion you showed us during our difficult journey made all the difference. I am a fan and will recommend Trupanion to all my friends. Our little pug is getting much better thanks to your help! Thousand, thousand thanks! – the Hudak family. Here’s a pic of Paco giving his thank you! -Monica H.

corgis sitting down
Ginger and Augie

Don’t normally give a sound bite for companies. In the past the only one I loved was Lifelock. But we started Trupanion insurance for our 2 Corgies a couple of years ago. About a month ago our 7 yr old suffered a leg injury. Trupanion was absolutely true to their word, paying 90% of an almost $4000 surgery and care bill after our deductible. A pet emergency that would have bankrupted us became, money wise, a small pain. Than you Trupanion. -Robert H.

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