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This Week in Testimonials – 5/24

I wanted to take this moment and thank trupanion for the way they helped our family save our Shadow. They paid over 6,000 dollars of a 7,000 bill. While the doctors preformed the surgery, with out Emma, Emilia , and Lana we would never have been able to pay for the surgery. They pre approved all payment and called the Vet to say so. This all happened in less the 10 hours on a Sunday night. I would like to thank trupanion for hiring such incredible people. -Mohamed Y.

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just wanted to say how great Trupanion has been. Our year and a half old female boxer tore both cranial cruciate ligaments in her rear knees. She had to have bilateral knee surgery last week and thankfully for the quick pre approval she was approved with in 2 hours of us calling and faxing what was needed. Every step of the way every person we spoke with was so great and understood the situation we were in and really made us feel great. It made the process of putting our little girl through surgery just a little easier knowing trupanion was there to help us along the way. Now that she is home the recovery begins. Just a big thank you for all your help!!!!!!!!!! -Tessa G.

@Trupanion We’ve valued our pet policy investment since enrollment in 2008, it has saved us many hard decisions & kept our cat’s healthy. -@o2wannabe

This was our baby girl Dakota. She was taken from us by the evil cancer monster a month ago.

We miss her every day.

The reason I’m writing is because Trupanion handled all the claims concerning her illness (it took three visits to the docs for a final diagnosis by an specialist) with the utmost care and promptness you can expect from a first grade insurance company. Libbie Grant, a Claims Specialist, was very helpful and gracious; she took Dakota’s claim and handled EVERYTHING and for that I’m grateful beyond words… I wish companies had employees as caring and devoted as Libbie.

You can rest assured that I will recommend Trupanion to every dog parent I know because you care and have an amazing team.

Thank you, Trupanion.
-Johann M.

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You have my Loyalty and word of mouth. You already helped my Angel R.I.P. She was young and you all did everything possible to keep he healthy till it was her time. Thank you all for everything. You are all great people who care and have huge hearts. -Jeff D.

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