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How to Calm a Dog during Fireworks on the Fourth of July

Fireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July. Humans love how fireworks paint the sky beautiful and vibrant colors, but dogs often hate (and are terrified of) the noise that fireworks make. Here are four ways you can calm your furry friend during fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Lillie and Ronan, sent in by Jani W. american flag cocker spaniel dogs outside

1. Keep Your Dog Inside
One of the best ways to calm and soothe your dog during the Fourth of July festivities is by keeping her in the house. Being inside can mask the volume of fireworks. Try closing all the windows and putting on the air conditioner to create some white noise.

We see too many pet insurance claims every year associated with fireworks accidents. Keeping your pooch inside not only keeps her calm, it also prevents physical harm.

2. Play Music
Try playing soothing music, or invest in a CD made specifically to calm a dog. To keep your dog extra calm on the Fourth of July, remember to play the music before the fireworks start. You can even start a day or so early to get your pooch familiar with the sound of the music. Throw in a treat or some special attention each time you start the CD to help build positive associations for your pup.

3. Provide a Safe Haven
Even if your dog is inside the house on the Fourth, she may still be able to hear the fireworks. Try creating a special spot for your dog to hide. Most dogs feel protected when they are enclosed in a small area like under a table or bed. Make your dog’s safe haven comfortable and cozy by investing in a special toy or spending a little time petting her as she settles into her new den.

4. Try Doggie Earmuffs
If you really want to soothe your dog during fireworks, cover her ears with a pair of doggie earmuffs. Try a pair that’s designed to protect a dog’s ears while flying. These are perfect for protecting your dog from the scary sounds of fireworks and that loud party across the street.

Keeping your pet safe and happy on the Fourth means peace of mind for you. It also means you don’t have to trudge out in the middle of the night and tell your neighbors to stop the festivities (or be the one to call the cops). We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.


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