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Foxtail Claims on the Rise

I’ve seen a gradual increase of claims for foxtail incidents over the last several weeks. With summer officially around the corner, this means the weather is getting nicer and our pets are spending more time outside. Not to mention, foxtails are growing rampant depending on your location. There are lines of them around the Trupanion office in Seattle, WA.

Looking back at the last 5 weeks, there has been a steady increase in claims for foxtail incidents. However, last week’s number of foxtail claims more than doubled over the week before!

dog foxtail graphic warning tips

Check out the stats:

  • Pet type: Dogs only
  • Location: Mostly California and some Washington
  • Average vet bill: $416
  • Highest vet bill: $1,313
  • Places foxtails were found: In ears, nose, between toes, vaginal

Over the years, I’ve done a handful of Claim of the Week stories that feature foxtail incidents.

Claim examples:

After playing outside, be sure to examine your dog’s fur and paws for any signs of this invasive plant, and also watch for symptoms of sneezing and scratching at the ears!

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