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Happy Healthy Safe Pet Tips

kitten sleeping on couchOver the week, we collected your best pet tips that you would share with a new dog or cat owner. With over 100 responses, we didn’t have space to fit them all on this page, but we chose some of our favorites:


  • Your dog can be controlled by the tone of your voice.  Use your leadership and your voice, never violence.
  • Be patient and consistent with your furry friend.  Remember that all pets learn differntly and at different rates, but a little patience and consistency go a long way in making him, and you, happy!
  • Do not yell, scold or make a big deal out of a puppy or dog pottying in the house, and most importantly, contrary to popular belief, you do not rub their noses in it!  If an accident occurs, simply take the dog outside and clean up the mess when they are not looking.  When they DO potty outside, make a huge deal out of it, giving praises and possibly a small treat.
  • Provide many chew toys for your new doggie! Kongs, rope toys, bully stix are all great ways to tire a puppy, and provide entertainment! It also saves shoes and rugs from being destroyed. Also – consider freezing said chew toy in the summer for an extra cool treat!


  • Make sure balls and other toys are not too small for your dogs mouth. This is to prevent swallowing!
  • Find a regular vet, AND a 24hr emergency vet *before* you bring your new pet home.  This is especially important with exotics or pocket pets as not all vets will treat them!
  • Learn to read Dog Food Labels, research ingredients  to know what you are feeding.
  • From a very young age, play with all parts of your pet.  Their toes, their eyes, put your fingers in their mouths.  This will make your vet visits much more smooth and your pet will not be opposed to the yearly check ups that poke and prod.


  • pet-proof your home!  Remove all food, medications, and other “attractions” from your dog’s reach!
  • My first tip is to get pet insurance ASAP as you get your dog. I thought about canceling it once, but it just saved me $4000 and allowed my dog to have more years to run!
  • When giving medications to cats, use a towel on top of your bathroom counter. Elevation is key with cats and this helps you give their medication easier without stressing them.
  • I can’t stress microchipping enough, especially with cats because their collars are meant to break away and come off if caught on something.
  • Never leave your pet in a car alone!  Too hot in Summer, too cold in Winter and people WILL STEAL them!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this piece!

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