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Interesting and Unusual Pet Insurance Claims in May

Every week when I run claim reports to select a Claim of the Week, I see some really interesting claims! I thought I would take this week’s post to review some of them:

  • Several claims for chocolate ingestion with an average of $388 per claim
  • Several claims for porcupine incidents, averaging $510 per claim
  • Several claims for rattlesnake incidents, averaging $715 per claim
  • A few claims for marijuana ingestion/intoxication with an average of $590 per claim

Injuries from jumping off of chairs, couches, beds and out of the car.

And some interesting items were swallowed, including:

  • A Nerf gun dart
  • Tennis ball
  • Sewing needle
  • Garbage
  • Carpet
  • Sock
  • Tea bag
  • Kitty litter
  • Pencil
  • Swiffer duster

Has your pet ever gotten into an unusual predicament that would make this list?

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One Response to Interesting and Unusual Pet Insurance Claims in May

  1. Luckily, my pet has not had any of these types of claims…however, our vet refers to the removal of a sock from the tummy as a “Sockectomy”…haha. http://oakvet.com/

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