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Stress Insurance for Animal Lovers – 5 Things worth Investing In!

So you’ve made the life changing decision of buying a pet. You’ve returned home and taken the time to fuss and play with your furry friend. Then reality sets in. The little pup or kitten decides that it simply has to relieve itself all over your brand new carpet. Over time your adorable pet may also develop an appetite for household furniture or a desire to venture beyond the bounds of your garden. If these scenarios cause you concern and stress then it might be best to invest in the items outlined in this article.

dog chewing toy
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Chewy Toys
It is as natural for pets to find items to chew on as it is for children. However, you might have an easier time restricting your kids to a favourite blanket than keeping your eager pets away from chair legs and sofa covers. Of course you should set boundaries. And it also makes really good sense to buy chewy toys that are readily available from pet shops. You’ll find that there are some that rattle, some that squeak and some that bounce. They can be used as a means of keeping your pets entertained during the day. You might even offer them as an incentive during training.

dog leash collar identification tag id
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ID Tag
You might well find the early stages of pet ownership to be a trial. However, it will only be a matter of time before you develop a strong bond with your canine or feline friend. The thought of them disappearing without a trace might become too great to bear; in which case you should look to invest in a microchip and collar featuring your home telephone number and address. You might also want to include important medical information about your pet.

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Carrying Crate/Case
As a kind and considerate pet owner you’ll undoubtedly understand the importance of giving your animals a reasonable amount of freedom. However, you’ll also realise that it is best to confine your pets during car journeys or visits to the local vets. It is worth taking your time over a selection of a crate which is secure, sturdy and large enough to accommodate your pet. You can even turn this into a comfortable space by adding a bed and toys.

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Lead & Collar
You may well be excited at the prospect of taking your dog on leisurely walks through the countryside. However, you might also be worried about the prospect of your dog having a ‘Fenton’ moment and haring after the local wildlife. You can reduce the likelihood of such an eventuality by purchasing a quality lead and collar. Those of you with particularly large and unruly dogs may even consider investing in a slip collar, which guarantees improved control.

Pet Mat
If you let your pets off the lead when you’re out and about then you can expect them to dive into mud and puddles. Some dogs are even prone to swimming in fish ponds during the warm summer months. This may seem like good fun at the time. However, you may be a little alarmed when they start wiping themselves over your favourite carpets and sofas. Thankfully it is possible to stop this from happening by making sure that your dogs sit on pet mats for the home. It is even possible to buy these items in different sizes and colours to fit in with the overall design of your property.

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