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Summertime Pets 2013

The epitome of summertime pets has filled my inbox! I am so thrilled at the awesome photos we’ve received over the last two weeks which include lots of kiddie pools, real pools, lakes, boats, ice, shade, sun and FUN!

While there’s not enough room in this blog post to share them all (and I SO wish I could), I wanted to share some of my favorites that came through. Please note that the winner of the gift card will be randomly selected via and this post has no influence on the winning photo.

dog in flower pot yorkie outside
Pretty, shared by Amanda S.
great dane frisbee dog grass field outside
Wyatt, shared by Stephanie L.
Harley lounges on the hammock, shared by Catherine M.
Harley lounges on the hammock, shared by Catherine M.
dog shaking off water labrador retriever outside
Chumley shared by Martha P.
dog on lake kayak outside summer
Cheyenne, shared by Jane S.
chihuahua dog outside on floaty in pool
Jazzy, shared by Meredith H.
cat outside hiding in plants
Olive, shared by Sue G.
terrier dog outside in ice pile
Storm, shared by Andra Y.
cat outside on chair summer
Thistle, shared by Jan V.
boxer dogs running on beach summer
Chandler and Chelsea, shared by Dwan B.
dog in pink kiddie swimming pool summer
Bella, shared by Kim H.
two dogs on sunny beach summer
Joseph and Angus, shared by Rachel W.
two dogs jumping into swimming pool
Nikki and Marli, shared by Jim and Cathy B.
bulldog puppy life vest jacket on boat lake dog
Ramsay, shared by Melissa D.
two bull terrier dogs swimming in pool
Sookie and Roxy, shared by Rayna P.
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