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This Week in Testimonials – 6/7

Get Trupanion Pet Insurance right away! Saved me over 7,000$ for a broken leg! -Sandy H.

Thank you for processing my claim so quickly and keeping me in the loop every step of the way– just over 2 weeks from start to finish is pretty impressive. Wish I could say the same for human health insurance companies! -Diana S.

.@Trupanion saves me again! Thanks for helping me out with the allergy meds, I’m super itchy! #happycustomer -@FloppyFrenchie

Trupanion has given my baby Girl a chance to live. I have not been insured thru Trupanion very long. Almost two months after I got insurance my dog was diagnosed with cancer. My vet told me without treatment she would only live one or two weeks. This hit me just like she was a child of mine with two legs instead of four. Now the cost for the treatment is over $6500. I did not have to pay this out of my pocket and hope to get reimbursement like all other pet insurance require you to do.. All dog insurance companies have the standard you pay your vet bill and summit a claim for reimbursement. Well that’s all in good until that bill is too high for you be able to do that. I called Trupanion and told them my situation. They told me that they would pay the Vet directly, and to help speed the process up I needed to summit a preapproval form. Trupaiion is the only dog insurance company that will do this for their customers. I could tell they truly do care. They will do whatever they can do to make this process easier on you and you’re Vet. I am not an easy person to impress. Especially when it comes to customer service. Trupanion not only meet my expectations, but far exceeded them. If anyone reading this is trying to decide which insurance to get. You can stop your search for insurance, because this is the one for you. I am so glad I did. Otherwise I would not have been able to help my baby when she needed me the most. I cannot thank Trupanion staff enough. Their customer service far exceeded what any other insurance company would do. They are paying my Vet directly and the approval process was so fast that my dog was getting treatment in less than 24 hrs. They are simply the best out there. They are not the first dog insurance company I have used, but they will be the last. I will be a customer for life. Thank you again Trupanion. -Justin

Just had another pleasant & easy call with @Trupanion Pet Insurance updating my pets’ coverage & billing plan! Always great working w/them! -@LadyRadagast

Hi,my name is Bentley, just want to thank Trupanion Pet Insurance, being there when I needed surgery for a mysterious lump that appeared. In less than a month, it was tested and removed. Thank you Truupanion bill was paid. I am one loved and blessed pup.
Thanks mommie for loving me enough to get insurance. Dog kisses XOXO
-Brenda V.

scruffy terrier dog Trupanion pet insurance

Thank you for the payment we received for our dog Saydee. It helps take a nice chunk out of the Vet bills, etc. 🙂 -Linda W.

What happens when your dog eats a toy bone? Midnight visits to the vet and a $3500 bill. Thank god for @Trupanion -@nashvillemick


Hey Trupanion, thank you for your help in making my foot feel better!… Now, can I get rid of this cone? – Mateo Olmedo

pet insurance trupanion westie dog in cone

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