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This Week in Testimonials – 6/28

Thanks Trupanion for always being so quick to process my claims and for the friendliness and professionalism of all your people. I’m very pleased to have got a small reduction in my premium – even though it recently went up, the reduction I just got brought it back down to what it was for the past year. Very happy with the service I get… -Tracey S.

SO grateful to be a part of the @Trupanion family. Today they turned a $1100 bill into $360. Oatmeal thanks you too! -@Duskheart

smiley cavalier king charles spaniel dog outside - Trupanion pet insurance

Big thanks to @Trupanion for being so caring & helpful with Charlies horrific accident! Truly amazing! #PetInsurance -@sandonhansen

french bulldog dog cast veterinarian

@Trupanion I got a thank you note from a client for pushing them to get pet insurance. Their dog is alive today after 13 d in ICU. Thanks! -@thegreatmama

This is Millie Muffin – she just survived AAL surgery – she is getting better slowly but surely
Trupanion just sent me a cheque for almost $6,000 of the $7,000 plus bill – Thank God for insurance!!! -Sylvia P.

yorkie dog on couch with toys
Millie Muffin

You guys are the best – Thanks for another speedy claim process! Max says thanks for helping me feel better!! -Krista S.

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