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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hidden Diseases That Could Kill Your Dog

While most of us feel that we are pretty clued in to the rising and falling moods of our dogs, owners are often surprised to learn that common ailments such as vomiting or fatigue can sometimes be the work of

6 Best Dog Breeds For Home Protection

If you don’t mind a bit of slobber and the risk that you might end up with dog fur all over you, getting a canine is a smart way to help protect your home from intruders. Which breeds are best

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Dog Swallowed Corn Cob

Dogs are curious by nature and will often follow their noses if a delectable smell is detected. Aldo the Weimaraner is no exception and his pet insurance claim story is proof. This 5-month-old puppy’s recent curiosity led him to a

This Week in Testimonials – 7/26

I have had a few claims for my cat Marvy over the past few years and have found Trupanion to be very attentive in addressing my claims. I am so thankful for the hassle-free process and excellent service provided by

Autumn and Lisa visit Tennessee pet shelters

Autumn and Lisa who head Trupanion’s shelter program are currently on a 3-shelter tour in Tennessee to meet and greet and deliver cupcakes! Follow along as we document their journey and photos! Tuesday 7/23: Arrived in Nashville Wednesday 7/24: Visit