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6 Best Dog Breeds For Home Protection

If you don’t mind a bit of slobber and the risk that you might end up with dog fur all over you, getting a canine is a smart way to help protect your home from intruders. Which breeds are best for guarding your family and your house? The following six breeds deserve a nod as the best home protectors.

Giant Schnauzer

giant schnauzer black dog in grassy field


Giant Schnauzers are giant assets when it comes to protecting a home. They are powerful and extremely loyal to their families, making them excellent guard dogs. When they receive proper, strict training and the right amount of attention from their owners, they stand out as one of the best breeds for protection.

Just the name of this breed is in itself intimidating. Of course, at first glance Bullmastiffs are just stocky little fellows, but don’t let their short stature fool you. Bullmastiffs are incredibly strong, and that strength along with their protection instincts make them a great option for keeping your home safe. These dauntless doggies also harbor intense family loyalty, so they also make great pets.

How can you help but smile when you lay your eyes on those perky ears and that adorable short snout? Boxers are more than just pretty faces. They are strong, reliable and alert. Boxers generally get along very well with children, so you don’t have to worry about letting your little ones near. Their intelligence, energy, and athleticism make them a good addition to any active family. It is in their nature to protect their people and their home.

German Shepherd
When you have a German shepherd on your side, you have a bold, brave, and intelligent companion. German shepherds quickly learn commands and don’t hesitate to act when they perceive a threat to their family or home. They are not particularly boisterous dogs, so when everything is calm in the house, your German shepherd will likely be calm as well. A German shepherd in tandem with a home security system is one of the ultimate protection strategies you can utilize.

Doberman Pinscher
Now you see him. Now you don’t. Doberman Pinschers are that fast, so they make great protection for any big piece of property. Like any guard dog worth its salt, they are loyal to their owners and demonstrate a high level of alertness. Their remarkable intelligence earns them extra points, since they are one of the smartest dog breeds in the entire world.

Granted, Pulis bear a strong resemblance to mops. While their funny appearance will make you laugh, their instincts will help you feel safe. They are very alert and will not hesitate to speak up when they notice something that isn’t quite right. If you feel concern about letting a bigger guard dog around your children Pulis make a great option because of their compact size and non-aggressive nature.

You can always discover additional ways to protect your home via an installed security system. The system will work along with your canine companion to make you feel as safe as possible in your castle.

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