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Alice the Cat’s Pet Insurance Story

gray kitty cat

I have been a Trupanion customer since February 2013. After our senior cat, Lucky, died from diabetic complications, it was apparent to both me and my husband that we needed to establish insurance policies for our other “pet kids.” Although we did all we could to manage Lucky’s condition, it was a financial hardship for us for nearly 3-years. Now that we have the support of these policies, our ability to accept needed treatment has increased. Alice, our senior kitty, has been recently diagnosed with hyperthyroid. As a result, it has been necessary for us to bring in her for more frequent lab work. She will soon be going in to undergo radioactive iodine therapy to help improve the overall health of her gland. Our ultimate goal has her “parents”/veterinary care team is to get her healthy and improve her quality of life. She deserves nothing but the best that we can give her. Trupanion has made that possible. With your professionalism, great communication and priority placed on the insured animals, we feel continually grateful that such a wonderful company exists!
Keep up the exemplary work!!!
—Rachel W.


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