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A Beginners Guide To Kittens

Kittens can make extremely cute pets, and they will bring love and care into any household. They may be a lot of work in their first few months, but once your kitten is big and strong enough to fend for themselves, they’ll be out exploring their surroundings in no time!

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Kittens require a lot of responsibility, and as their owner it’s up to you to make sure your pet gets everything it needs. Before you even consider buying a kitten for you family, there are a number of things that need to be in place in your home. Not only must you be able to fit your social life around your kitten, but you must also be financially eligible too – kittens can be quite expensive to look after. To make things a little easier, here’s a beginner’s guide to owning a cat.

Understanding The Rules

Before bringing a kitten into your home, you must make sure everyone is aware of the rules surrounding the pet, from your young ones to your friends and family. Kittens are very playful creatures, and their affection should not be mistaken for dangerous activity. Like any small animal, kittens are prone to teething, and they’ll nip and chew on anything they can get their paws on. Sometime these nips can be annoying or even painful, however you must be able to get past these early stages, and never cause your kitten harm in response.

Furthermore, kittens like to jump from tables and chairs, and see how high they can get. Not only can this damage your furniture, but your kitten can also end up hurting themselves in the process. If you leave knives and other sharp or heavy objects around the house, your new pet could end up getting seriously injured. To avoid injury, and if you’re ever in doubt, always be sure to contact your local vet to discuss what you need for a kitten. It’s best to keep your home tidy and free from anything that could harm your cat. You must make sure that your children know these rules as well, as a small, chewable toy lying on the floor could end up choking your kitten.

Eating and Sleeping

Kittens are not fussy animals, and unlike dogs they tend to sleep anywhere they can. From the bottom of your bed to underneath a stack of clothes, always make sure you know where your kitten is, otherwise you might end up sitting on them. To avoid harm to your new pet, there are a variety of kitten baskets you can buy as a specific place to sleep in your house. Cats are territorial animals, so once your kitten warms to its new bed, be sure not to move it or change it unless absolutely necessary.

You must also try to feed your cat at the same time and place every day too. This way, they get used to getting fed in the same location, and they’ll start to appear there if they ever get hungry. Getting the best start with your kitten is all about communication and signal, so as long as you keep your signals the same and constant, like where to sleep and eat, you’ll have the perfect family pet in no time!

Guest blog post: For more information on kittens and cats check out the RSPCA site.

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