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Why do dogs bury bones and treats?

dog bones under couchHave you ever caught your dog burying his bone outside in the back yard? Or maybe you’ve seen him trying to bury a toy or treat under the couch or “in” the carpet, or have found a lost toy at the bottom of your laundry pile.

The behavior of burying comes from dogs’ ancestors and seems to be a habit that many dogs can’t kick. The ancestors of your dog used to bury leftover food for safekeeping so they could return to eat it later. Burying food under dirt not only helped prevent the sun from spoiling it, but it also kept it away from potential scavengers who might steal the food.

So if you’ve got a dog that buries her treats and toys, she’s just in touch with her roots! But if it becomes obsessive, try limiting the number of toys to which your dog has access at any given time.

Does your dog dig and bury? What are some strange places you’ve found your dog’s belongings?

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