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Kodi’s Pet Insurance Testimonial

standard poodle inside dog pet insurance TrupanionOur poodle Kodiak – Kodi for short – has always been a very healthy and active dog. When he suddenly stopped acting like his normal self, I immediately brought him to my veterinarian where they took over his care. An agonizing ten days were to follow, from the day he was admitted to intensive care with elevated liver function tests, until the day he was discharged.

He had sudden onset of arrhythmias, polyarthralgias, and liver function abnormalities. Despite numerous diagnostic tests, coming up with a conclusive diagnosis was very difficult. His liver, heart and joints seemed to be intertwined. The final diagnosis was bacterial endocarditis. However, it was the dedication of the staff at Hopital Veterinaire Rive-Sud and one very special internist, Doctor Lara Rose, who through her tenacity and dedication is the reason I can happily say that Kodi is a very happy and healthy boy today.

The cost of dealing with such a serious illness as well as Kodi’s ongoing care can climb so quickly. To date we’ve spent over $20,000. I would strongly recommend to anyone with beloved pets not to hesitate in getting Trupanion. While there are many insurance companies to choose from, there are none like Trupanion in that they do not limit coverage per illness, or lifetime. We all take out house insurance and car insurance with the hope that we never need it – and these are objects so easily replaced. Our pets are our family and deserve equal coverage, if not so much more.

I wish to thank everyone at Trupanion for the wonderful service they provide to pet owners and their beloved pets.

Catherine K.

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