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Kujo’s Second Chance at Life Pet Insurance Story

sweet mixed breed dog in green meadow grassKujo is a little puppy we adopted several weeks ago from a rescue organization. He had a rough start at life being severely neglected with lack of even simple life’s basic needs of water and food.

We have had pure-breed Alaskan Malamutes for the past 25 years and always adopted from a reputable breeder so we knew entire generations of the animal’s history. This little guy became available for adoption and something told us that he was meant to be a part of our family and although we never own a “mutt” before, we lovingly adopted him.
We signed Kujo up for insurance as he was just such an unknown to us and right from the beginning we felt like he was going to be a handful causing lots of excitement ( prediction right-3 months old and almost died from abusive home and now with this incident!)

Our vet suggested TRUPANION and after an initial clean bill of health 2.5 weeks ago, we were enrolled in a 30 day free trial and also signed him up. Kujo had this horrific injury ( penetrating injury to bowel with resultant peritonitis) and we told the vet that we will do anything to make this guy better as we had to give him a chance after fighting so hard to survive at initial abusive home. I had looked into the insurance and saw there was a waiting period on the policy and thought crap; just our luck! However, Kujo was our priority so we never thought no more on the cost and proceeded to try and get him better. He was critically ill and as as a former ICU nurse, I knew how critical he was and spent a sleepless week in worry.

small mixed breed dog with cast on legSo yesterday I happily picked up my little trooper and a FOUR page invoice. After 1 week in hospital with multiple X-rays, bloodwork, special tests, IV fluids and multiple medications entire time, major surgery, intensive 24 hr care, etc, etc. Total bill $4333.20

The receptionist suggested she call the insurance prior to me signing over a kidney for payment, lol. I thought whatever, what’s the point with the waiting period, but go ahead. She submitted the claim at 4:45 pm and said go home and we can call you about the bill after we hear from insurance.

TWO hours later, email from insurance company that TRUPANION had already gone ahead and paid thousands of dollars on the claim and a note stating they were glad that Kujo was feeling better. Kujo’s parents were feeling a lot better too with that news. We still have to pay $1000 as the company does not pay for taxes, initial visit but then 90% but that was amazing.

If you are thinking about insurance, go to this company! Go to the vet and get a pet check-up and sign up for the 30 day free trial first.

No hassles, no calls, no trying to blame it on any pre-existing condition…unfreckin’ believable. In less than 2 hours, that company paid out a small fortune on a claim that I had yet to give them a dime for as Kujo’s paid policy does not come into effect until July 20th.

I will 1000% endorse this company-tell them Kujo sent you!!!

Joanie T.

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