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Move Over Grumpy Cat: Our Favorite Pets on Facebook and Twitter

Here at Trupanion, when we’re not pouring over the intricacies of pet insurance plans you’re likely to find us checking in with some of our favorite social media-savvy pets. We pet owners spend quite a bit of time looking at our pets and wondering what in the world they are thinking. Since pets can be so non-verbally expressive, it’s hard to resist the temptation to put words into their mouths. Perhaps this curiosity about our own pets’ thoughts helps to explain the popularity of the recent class of animals who have achieved celebrity status on the Internet. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that all of the pets on this list are totally freaking adorable.

Lil Bub

lil bub facebook cat

In her own words: “I am BUB – a real animal. The most amazing creature on the planet.”
Standout trait: Freakishly cute (and apparently healthy) despite being born with a whole host of genetic mutations.
Obsession: Space travel.

Lil Bub does not look like other cats. For starters she is a dwarf and will never grow past the size of a mature kitten. Additionally, Bub is toothless and has a short lower jaw which causes her tongue to always hang out. In fact Bub’s appearance is so out-of-this-world cute that some fans have wondered if she is indeed an alien cat in possession of various supernatural abilities, a speculation that is proudly encouraged by Bub herself.


socks twitter cat sockington

In his own words: “bat bat bat BAT BAT BAT BAT BAT bat bat bat bat BAT BAT bat bat BAT BAT crash NOT MY FAULT.”
Standout trait: A massive appetite for mischief. And tuna.
Obsession: Tuna.

Like many of the pets on this list, Socks’ story is one of humble beginnings. Found next to a bus stop, Socks was taken in and subsequently turned away from a series of homes before finding an owner who could fully appreciated his big personality. Socks is a prolific tweeter and has garnered legions of followers, many of which are fellow felines and loyal recruits of “Socks Army.” Sock’s million+ fan count confirms that Twitter is the perfect avenue for the internal monologue of a crazy cat with a tiny attention span.


boo cute famous facebook dog

In his own words: “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.”
Standout trait: Fluffier and cuter than pretty much anything.
Obsession: Cookies.

With over 7 million Facebook followers, odds are you may already be familiar with Boo and his sidekick Buddy. This little Pomeranian hit the Facebook scene in 2006, and within a few years had two books (and throngs of admiring fans) to his name. When you first lay eyes on Boo it is a bit hard to believe that he’s real, such is the magnitude of his cuteness. Boo’s power lies in the fact that it is nearly impossible to look at him without smiling, and more often than not he’ll be smiling right back at you.


Anakin two legged facebook cat

In his own(er’s) words: “Two legged miracle cat.”
Standout trait: Born without a pelvis or back legs.
Obsession: Normal cat stuff.

As a kitten, Anakin was found scrounging around for food with other feral cats. Though missing his two back legs, Anakin was able move around so quickly that he foiled his current owner’s early attempts to catch him. Eventually cornered and taken in to see a vet, Anakin’s new caregivers discovered that despite the kitten’s obvious deformities he was in very good health.

The fact that this tiny kitten without back legs was able to get around and fend for himself on the streets is amazing. Seeing videos on Anakin run, play, and climb like a normal cat is downright inspiring. Checking in with Anakin online can almost be like a little pep talk. Just think: If this two-legged cat can race around the house like a bat out of hell, you can probably finish your presentation by Wednesday.

Lorenzo the Cat

lorenzo twitter cat

In his own words: “A Maine Coon with the patience of a Buddhist monk and the soul of a philosopher.”
Standout trait: Personal style that would be at home on the set of Miami Vice.
Obsession: Modeling shirts.

Undoubtedly one of the only cats to employ his own Italian tailor, it would be hard to dispute Lorenzo’s claim of being the best-dressed cat in America. Lorenzo’s tiny collared shirts, always buttoned down partway to reveal a thick mound of check hair, look strangely natural on the Florida cat. Though his personal style is a bit three-decades-ago, Lorenzo’s confident modeling sells these feline fashions. When not posing for the camera, Lorenzo enjoys chasing lizards and watching toilets flush.

We could go on about our favorite famous pets all day, but we’d like to hear some of yours. Which pets do you find yourself fawning over online?

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