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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Keep your Furry Friend Healthy and Happy with these 4 Tips

Having a pet is like having a furry member of the family. We give them food, shelter, toys, and they love us back. But, like their owners, each animal has different needs. There are, however, a few things that every

Kujo’s Second Chance at Life Pet Insurance Story

Kujo is a little puppy we adopted several weeks ago from a rescue organization. He had a rough start at life being severely neglected with lack of even simple life’s basic needs of water and food. We have had pure-breed

Summer and Heat Stroke in Pets

Now that summer and the heat that accompanies summer are in full swing, it’s especially important to keep our pets in mind. While most pet owners are aware of the dangers of leaving pets in the car on a hot

Trupanion is the preferred pet insurance provider of Purchasing Services, Inc.

Trupanion has partnered with Purchasing Services Inc. (PSI), North America’s oldest and largest group purchasing organization (GPO) to bring more awareness of the benefits of pet insurance to PSI’s more than 2,000 member hospitals. “We are always looking to expand

Alice the Cat’s Pet Insurance Story

I have been a Trupanion customer since February 2013. After our senior cat, Lucky, died from diabetic complications, it was apparent to both me and my husband that we needed to establish insurance policies for our other “pet kids.” Although