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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Kidney failure due to lily flower ingestion

beautiful black catBruce the 8-month-old cat recently tested the “9 lives” theory when he ingested part of a lily plant. Lilies are toxic to cats and can cause kidney problems when any part of the plant is ingested, including water from the vase.

It is important to seek immediate veterinary care if your cat is suspected of chewing on a lily plant. He may display symptoms of vomiting, drooling, lethargy and appetite loss. Immediate treatment includes inducing vomiting and longer treatment includes fluid therapy and monitoring the kidneys.

Bruce continues to receive veterinary treatment and is on his 8th day of dialysis (at time of writing). His other treatments have included a blood transfusion, chest tube, and feeding tube. Fortunately “Today was the best he’s been; he was purring and nudging everyone to rub his head!” said Bruce’s owner Kathrine.

Bruce is on continuing treatments but we are hoping that he will be fully recovered soon!

Thank you Kathrine for letting us share Bruce’s story!

About Stacy @Trupanion

Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog mom to her rescued Whippet-mix, Ellie. During the week, you can find Stacy surfing (the internet, that is) and managing Trupanion's presence in the social media world. In her free time, Stacy likes to bake, especially cupcakes! To balance her culinary affinity, she also likes to stay active, especially with activities that include her dog such as hiking and going to dog parks.

4 Responses to Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Kidney failure due to lily flower ingestion

  1. Roger Harris says:

    I had never heard that lily plant can be so harmful. I have often seen my dog eating grass. Do you think grass can also be harmful? Please suggest?

    • Stacy says:

      Hi Roger,
      Lilies are only toxic to cats which means you don’t need to worry if your dog accidentally drinks water from a potted lily plant (although it’s best to keep your pet from drinking plant water of any kind in general!). Grass is not harmful to dogs and they some will eat it occasionally to supplement their diet. Here’s some more info on that: http://trupanion.com/blog/2013/03/why-do-dogs-eat-grass/

  2. Kristin says:

    Is this true of calla lilies as well?

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