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Stuck at Work: 5 Activities Your Dog Can Participate in While You’re Away

many dogs sitting to attentionFor many, the family dog is more than a pet, he is their best friend. This can make it hard to leave him alone during working hours. Although most dogs sleep a lot during the day, here are five activities your dog can enjoy while you are at work.

Doggie Daycare
Doggie day care Los Angeles provides an opportunity for your dog to play with other dogs while you’re gone. The daycare staff supervises the dogs during play time to ensure safety. When your dog enjoys exercise and activity during the day, he will be calm and ready to rest in the evening.

Chew Toys
Chew toys satisfy the dog’s urge to chew while preventing destructive behavior. When choosing a chew toy, be sure to choose one that is appropriate for the size of your dog. If the toy is too small, it may present a choking hazard if your dog swallows it. Hard rubber bones, braided rope toys and beef marrow bones are all examples of safe chew toys.

You should always supervise your dog’s play with a new toy before leaving him alone. This will help to prevent any accidents that could harm his health.

Puzzle Toys
Puzzle toys relieve boredom by allowing your dog to use his problem solving skills. These toys allow for treats to be hidden inside and the dog must discover the way to get the treat out. Examples of puzzle toys include Kongs® and Buster Cubes®. These toys can keep a dog’s attention fully engaged for hours at a time.

Dog Walking Co-op
If you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood, you may consider forming a dog walking co-op. This would allow your dog to be walked by a neighbor who is home during the hours that you work. You would then walk your neighbor’s dog when you get home from work. This should only be done with people that you trust to have access to your home while you’re away.

Therapy Work
If your dog is calm, obedient and loving toward people, then he is an excellent candidate for therapy work. Therapy dogs visit hospitals, physical therapy centers and elementary schools. You can contact a therapy dog training center to see if someone would be willing to pick up your dog and take him to therapy sessions during the day. It is a good idea to make sure the volunteers are insured and bonded in case of any accidents during transportation.

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