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Most Unusual Careers With Animals

If you have more love for animals than you can handle, then foster that affection toward your career path. Of course, you have probably considered more traditional careers such as a zookeeper, pet groomer or veterinarian. For example, according to the Penn Foster Veterinarian Assistant Program, a veterinary assistant would learn about how to “monitor and care for animals after surgery” as well as “provide emergency first aid and medication to sick or pet groomer, but injured animals.” Although the veterinarian industry is essential, there is a whole world of unique, animal-related careers that are adventurous and fulfilling.

Whether you want to work with land animals, plunge into the depths of waterways or be their advocate, you’ll find your place in the animal kingdom. Become inspired to work with animals by learning about the following careers:

If you have an admiration for fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, seals and anything else that glides under the surfaces of the ocean, lakes and streams, an aquarist may be the career for you. You’ll work closely with aquatic animals from every type of water source, including freshwater and saltwater. Take a dip with marine animals — or give them daily care and kindness — at public aquariums and zoos, marine research labs, ocean wildlife theme parks, or educational facilities with aquatic studies. As an aquarist, you can take on the role of animal care technician, aquarist diver, trainee or aide, aquarium biologist, curator of water quality, water quality specialist and animal care technician, among more.

woman working with sea turtle
Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery via Flickr

Professional Horse Trainer
As a professional horse trainer, you can spend time with these four-legged majestic beauties and make the horse stables your office. You’ll ensure that horses are healthy and well-treated. Turn your pastime into your career by becoming an apprentice at a local stable and learning how to properly train horses for competitions and general riding. This career path not only satiates your passion for beautiful horses, but it can be highly profitable for you in the future as your acquire more skills and clients while growing your business.

cowboy man and horse outside stable
Photo by Flickr user Mangrove Mike

Animal Rights Lawyer
Although you won’t be hands-on with animals as an animal rights lawyer, you’ll protect their wellbeing and serve as an animal rights advocate. Providing a voice for animals is a nontraditional way to become immersed in the animal world and safeguard them. Spend days in court defending their rights or research ways to ensure better treatment for animals everywhere. After you attend law school and pass the bar, you can execute your legal expertise with animal protection agencies, conservation groups, pet care organizations or private clients.

puppy chewing on michael vick toy
Photo by Jason Bacon via Flickr

Pet Communicator
Express your passion for animals by communicating and helping them through difficult times or trauma. Pet communicators are often referred to as pet psychics who are animal-lovers with unique abilities to connect with animals on a heightened level. In this career, consider yourself a pioneer since it’s a career field that many deride. If you embrace this gift, many human companions of animals will cherish and rely on your abilities, calling upon you to pull them through difficult situations. For more specific education in this field, The Monroe Institute of Virginia offers courses that will help enhance your natural talent with non-verbal animal communication skills.

pet booth outside
Photo by Eric Fitzpatrick via Flickr

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