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We have two new additions to our shelter program!

We are so thrilled to continue to grow our exciting shelter program. This week we have two new shelters to add to the list: The Monmouth County SPCA of Freehold New Jersey, and the Guilford County Animal Shelter in Greensboro, North Carolina. At no cost to adoptive families, both shelters will now offer 30 days of pet insurance coverage provided by Trupanion. This program offers new pet parents the financial peace of mind that the costs of unexpected accidents of injuries will be covered by Trupanion at 90%.

Layla, this gorgeous hound mix, is one of the many pets awaiting adoption at the Guilford County Animal Shelter
Layla, this gorgeous hound mix, is one of the many pets awaiting adoption at the Guilford County Animal Shelter

The pets at both shelters are all examined by veterinary teams and provided with detailed medical records of any treatments received at the shelters. With these records, we are able to determine any pre-existing conditions and cover everything else at 90% less a $250 deductible. As always, our coverage has no payout limits per year, per condition, or over the entire lifetime of the pet. An addition to the shelter program is that coverage starts immediately, with no waiting periods.

“Animals from all over the county come to us for a wide variety of reasons. One of the saddest we see is when families who love their pet simply cannot afford the necessary medical treatment their animal requires,” said Marsha Williams, the director at Guilford County Animal Shelter. “Trupanion’s program allows us to help adoptive families ensure that they will always be able to afford the best care for their new pet. This is just one more way we can ensure lasting love and care for the animals we place,” added Monmouth County SPCA’s President, Jerry Rosenthal.

We hope to continue to expand the program in the months to come, reaching out to more and more shelters across both the United States and Canada.

Shelters interested in more information on how to get involved with Trupanion’s shelter program can call Trupanion’s shelter support team at 877.589.1836.

About the Monmouth County SPCA
A private, non-profit organization, the Monmouth County SPCA was founded in 1945 to care for homeless, abused and lost animals. Providing a number of services from humane education and pet therapy to low-cost vaccinations and dog training, the Monmouth County SPCA continues to pursue its mission of protecting and advocating for all animals. They are dedicated to enforcing animal cruelty laws, providing a safe haven for homeless and abused pets, reducing pet over-population through spay/neuter, and cultivating their humane treatment through education and service. For more information, visit http://monmouthcountyspca.org/.

About the Guilford County Animal Shelter

The only public shelter in the county, the Guilford County Animal Shelter has been operated by the United Animal Coalition since 1998. Devoted to saving the lives of the lost, abandoned and surrendered animals of Guilford County, N.C., the United Animal Coalition strives to humanely care for all the animals and work diligently to return lost animals to their owners. The coalition is committed to making every adoption a positive, permanent experience for both the animals and the pet owner. In addition to their adoption program – in which they enjoy a 97% success rate with dog placement and 78% success rate with cats – the shelter conducts community awareness programs as well as pet therapy at senior residence homes. To find out more about the Guilford County Animal shelter and how you can support their mission, please visit www.adoptshelterpets.org.


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