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Cow’s Journey: An unexpected Accident

This is the first of a three-part series detailing a pet owner’s experience when their beloved dog suffered an unexpected injury…

On July 23rd, all the dogs went out into the evening warmth to play in the waning light. Unbeknownst to us, one of our dogs (Cow) would return into the house with a flopping broken foot. We never heard a fuss from her… Not a peep was made as we inspected her leg and cringed horrifically at the sight of her injury. I immediately felt guilty and started crying because not even 2 months prior, we had discontinued her pet insurance. I was angry at myself because I justified cancelling her policy due to the fact that we never had a claim in the 3 years she was covered… The truth was that we just couldn’t afford it anymore and I have never regretted something so much in my life.


Cow is our good dog. Even though she’s deaf, she earned a Canine Good Citizen award. She also passed her American Temperament Test with a 98% (a superb score!) and was only docked points because she didn’t think the ‘scary stranger’ was very scary. She doesn’t squabble with strange dogs, isn’t a dare-devil or overly active… We assumed cancelling her insurance would be “safe” because the likelihood of her getting hurt would be very low. Her first injury in 5 years of life would be, of course, the one to put us in a situation of a life or death decision.

We arrived at our local emergency vet in Burien and my husband Joe carried Cow into the office with her floppy foot in tow. After getting all signed in and sending her to the back on a gurney with a couple nurses, we sat down in a patient room and waited. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was freaking out… My mind kept swimming over the details of how we were going to afford this, where we were going to get money from, how much this was going to cost, and eventually it settled on trying to figure out what “this” was. I kept hoping that maybe it was just a sprain, but all logic told me otherwise.

To be continued… [Part 2 of Cow’s story]

Follow along as we join Cow and her humans on their journey to recovery. To raise money for Cow’s treatment, they have started fundraising on You can visit the page here to get more updates on Cow’s progress and help them reach their ultimate goal.  

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