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Crazy Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Maybe it was due to the blue moon, but we had some very interesting and crazy claims last week! Each week, I run a claims report to select one for the Claim of the Week post, but while I was running through the report, there were several incidents that caught my eye. Take a look at some of the things I found and the cost of the vet bill:

  • A Great Dane was treated for snake bite envenomation – $3,477
  • A Whippet was treated for Vitamin D toxicity – $2,720
  • Shiba Inu treated for yeast dough ingestion (ethanol toxicity) – $2,091
  • Labrador retriever chewed on an electrical cord and got electrocuted – $1,471
  • Snail bait toxicity for a mixed-breed dog – $1,307
  • A mixed-breed dog ate a pound of macadamia nuts – $1,232
  • Raccoon attack on a mixed-breed dog – $1,246
  • A Husky got into a bag with chocolate, Tylenol, ibuprofen and Tums! – $1,053
  • Porcupine quills in a dog’s face and mouth (poor guy)
  • A dog got sick from eating mushrooms and algae
  • A dog jumped on a running chainsaw blade while his owner was cutting wood (yikes!)
  • A dog swallowed a ball
  • A dog swallowed a sock

Has your pet ever done anything crazy that would make this list?


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