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Crazy Summer Pet Insurance Claims

Maybe it was due to the blue moon, but we had some very interesting and crazy claims last week! Each week, I run a claims report to select one for the Claim of the Week post, but while I was running through the report, there were several incidents that caught my eye. Take a look at some of the things I found and the cost of the vet bill:

  • A Great Dane was treated for snake bite envenomation – $3,477
  • A Whippet was treated for Vitamin D toxicity – $2,720
  • Shiba Inu treated for yeast dough ingestion (ethanol toxicity) – $2,091
  • Labrador retriever chewed on an electrical cord and got electrocuted – $1,471
  • Snail bait toxicity for a mixed-breed dog – $1,307
  • A mixed-breed dog ate a pound of macadamia nuts – $1,232
  • Raccoon attack on a mixed-breed dog – $1,246
  • A Husky got into a bag with chocolate, Tylenol, ibuprofen and Tums! – $1,053
  • Porcupine quills in a dog’s face and mouth (poor guy)
  • A dog got sick from eating mushrooms and algae
  • A dog jumped on a running chainsaw blade while his owner was cutting wood (yikes!)
  • A dog swallowed a ball
  • A dog swallowed a sock

Has your pet ever done anything crazy that would make this list?

About Stacy @Trupanion

Stacy Kowalchuk is a dog mom to her rescued Whippet-mix, Ellie. During the week, you can find Stacy surfing (the internet, that is) and managing Trupanion's presence in the social media world. In her free time, Stacy likes to bake, especially cupcakes! To balance her culinary affinity, she also likes to stay active, especially with activities that include her dog such as hiking and going to dog parks.

3 Responses to Crazy Summer Pet Insurance Claims

  1. Rey says:

    Hahaha,This list just made my day. so funny. haha ^_^.
    Thanks for sharing Stacy.


  2. Colleen says:

    In May 2010 I received my very best birthday gift-My Abby-A 7 week old Yellow Lab Retriever-Approx. 8mths later she swallowed the top of a KONG toy…We found the toy with the piece looking broken off NOT looking chewed at all…Put it aside assuming it split off not thinking Abby had ingested it and Abby seemed fine-Almost a month later Abby got very sick-unable to eat or keep water down-took her to emergency clinic after $1500 spent (an over night visit/hydration/and an x-ray) they found NOTHING and sent her home-24hrs later she was still very very sick…took her to our vet with the x-ray they took at emergency clinic and within 30sec of viewing the x-ray they knew she had an obstruction in 2 spots in her intestines-They performed Emergency Surgery and took 12cm of her intestines out that had died…they said if we had waited even a day more my girl would NOT be with us today…..Thank Heaven for little Miracles-She’s now a HAPPY Healthy 3 yr old and we immediately signed up for Pet Insurance …JUST IN CASE!!!

    • Stacy says:

      Wow what a scary incident!! I’m so glad you listened to your gut and took her back to your vet for a second opinion so that your sweet girl could get surgery right away!

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