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Dog and Cat Shadows – Pictures

Our pet shadows photo contest this week brought in many beautiful photos! While our winner will be randomly selected, we wanted to share some of our favorites below:

dog jumping in snow winter
Gafa, sent in by Michal K.
golden dog running on beach sand ocean water summer sun
Gia Bella, sent in by Shirley T.
small pomeranian dog running on ground evening
Bodie, shared by Marla O.
girl and dog shadow
Stringer, shared by Joyce S.
mastiff outside in grass dog shadow sun
Kieren, shared by Joanne G.
greyhound shadow dog walk outside sun
Miss Ellie, shared by Kerry S.
cat abyssinian shadow
Louis, shared by Kathy Y.
maltese dog shadow outside
Gracie, shared by Sasha M.

Is your pet afraid of his shadow?

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