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Happy Birthday to Your Pet – Photos

In honor of ‘Dogust’ 1st, the universal birthday for all pets whose birthdays are unknown (declared by the North Shore Animal League America), we wanted to celebrate all pets’ birthdays! We asked you to send in pet birthday photos, puppy and kitten photos, and photos of the first day you met your pet. You had us laughing and smiling all week long with what you sent in!

Note: We received over 100 photos, so this is just a small sample of what we received

Birthday photos:

bulldog dog birthday hat

Bruce, shared by Kelsey B.

bulldog basset dog birthday cake

Bullini and Bassanova, shared by Chantelle A.

beagle dog birthday hat

Cora and Dusty, shared by Cathy W.

black cat birthday

Felix, shared by Shelley H.

mastiff dog birthday hat

Fergie, shared by Cheri

basset hound puppy dog birthday hat

Gertie, shared by Deb

bulldog birthday hat dog

Kramer, shared by Jim D.

two black cats birthday hats cake on table

Lenny and Buster, shared by DonnaLee C.

white scruffy dog wearing birthday goggles

Jake, shared by Rachael R.

golden retriever dog birthday

Jordan, shared by Susan H.

First photos:

abyssinian brown cat kitten

Freddie, shared by Linda

kitten cat

Sam, shared by Brandi L.

pug puppy dog kiss

Tobi, shared by Heather B.

small black puppy dog in baseball mitt

Wyatt, shared by Stephanie L.

great dane puppy days old in hands

Zeus, shared by Susanne D.

small white kitten

Meekko, shared by Millie H.

two kittens in basket

Ricky and Lucy, shared by Meryl G.

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