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Pet of the Week: Liam

orange tabby cat sleeping pet insurance trupanionThis is Liam… He is my world. I rescued him from El Reno, OK in October of 2010. I was working in Oklahoma City for a Residential Company and he was outside one of the residential homes and starving plus some workers were mean to him. I took him home and he made himself at home, and he is as spoiled as can be.

But in reality I need him as much as he needs me. I have a heart problems and sometimes I get dizzy. When I have to go lay down and rest Liam is right next to me. I would be so lonely without my best friend, keeping me company and being my cuddle buddy.

I am amazed by Liam’s ability to find food. He has figured out that he can sit on one end of the tupperware lid and use his mouth to lift the other side open.

Liam is a “happy drooler” and nothing will get him drooling like a good brushing.

Liam also has an obsession with grasshoppers and flies.

He is absolutely terrified of the feather flyers they show on My Cat from Hell.

Liam once had to be buttered out of a floor vent opening after he chased a lizard and got stuck (his little rear waving in the air). He was fairly pissed about that until he realized he was covered in butter… then he was quite satisfied.

Liam has his own Facebook page

Liam lives for the outdoors and spends most of his time trying to escape to the outside.

For a huge tom cat Liam has a tiny squeak of a meow

Liam is probably the most interesting cat in the world…
Our vet stated recently, if he didn’t had bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all. Liam was diagnosed with FLUTD and despite our bests efforts it kept flaring up and blocking him. He had a PU surgery and was prescribed a daily anxiety pill which helps. This summer a stray cat attacked Liam (it actually attacked multiple cats in our neighborhood). Our neighbor was able to trap it. The stray tested Positive for FIV. Eight weeks later Liam tested positive for FIV. It’s is heartbreaking to think of the possibilities it has been hard for Liam to adjust from the indoor / outdoor life he is used too because he loves to be outside. But he is a trooper and that is why I think Liam should be the pet of the week!

PS: without Trupanion I would have had to put Liam down… thank you for keeping my cuddlebug alive.

Thank you to Jacqueline A. for sharing sweet Liam’s story with us!

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