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Save a Life and Gain a Friend

A house isn’t truly a home until you have introduced an animal into the family. Most homes have at least one pet, whether it is goldfish, hamsters or the more popular cats and dogs. Nothing brings a family together like the shared passion and love for a pet.

When the decision has been made to bring a pet into the household, most people look for a kitten or a puppy and neglect the thought that there are so many unwanted and abandoned animals that are desperately looking for a new life and new people to love them. There are very real advantages to choosing to adopt an animal, in particular a dog, from a shelter…

Bosco - Tracy C dog woman kiss loveSave a Life
Many animals spend long periods of time living in a shelter and for those that are unable to find a new home the future looks very bleak. By adopting a pet that has been abandoned, you are saving their lives and saving them from an unsure fate.

Dogs that have been abandoned and neglected are often more loving and grateful once they have been given the second chance of a new home. Provided the damage done to them hasn’t been too bad, they tend to be far more loyal and well behaved once they have settled in the new environment.

Pedigree dogs are notoriously expensive and the combined costs often mean that families are unable to afford to have a dog in their homes. Adopting a pet just requires a donation to the charity that has cared for them.

A Second Chance
No animal deserves to live a life of misery because one person no longer wanted him or her. They deserve a loving trusting home too and re-homing a dog is the best way to give it the second chance that it deserves.

No More Pain
It is incredibly sad but many animals, particularly dogs are subjected to violence, abuse and neglect from those they trusted the most. You can easily repair the damage that was done both physically and emotionally by allowing the dog to see that you are not going to hurt them and just want to love them.

No Training
Older animals or those that have lived in other homes will have some training however basic, you simply need to reinforce this and make sure the dog is trained to the way you want it to be, eating at certain times, etc.

Know Your Pet
Every animal shelter allows you time to bond with your potential new addition and really get to know the behaviour and personality of the dog before you take him home.

Repair the Damage
Dogs are sensitive creatures and being abandoned, neglected and simply living in a shelter will have had some sort of impact on their emotional state. Fixing a dog and its mind frame is simple with the right training and love care and attention.

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