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Trupanion Honored as a Best Place to Work

The crazy Trupanion crew celebrating their Best Workplaces honor!

The crazy Trupanion crew celebrating their Best Workplaces honor!

On the evening of August 8, 2013, Trupanion was honored as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces at a fun event at Safeco Field (the baseball stadium normally occupied by the Seattle Mariners). Trupanion was one of 25 companies honored at the event in the “large company” category. Other companies in this category included Zillow, MOD Pizza, Hyatt Regency Bellevue, Peoples Bank, and Prime Electric.

Companies were judged based on the results of an employee survey conducted between January and April 2013 – survey questions surrounded communication strategies, benefits and perks the company provides. Leaders of each company were also surveyed regarding their hiring strategies and lessons they try to teach their team.

Trupanion is thrilled to be recognized for a great place to work. Some of the perks Trupanion employees enjoy include bringing their pets to work, free pet insurance, a full-time dog-walking service, a puppy play area in the lobby and a pet bereavement day in case the worst occurs.

Celebrating on the field with the famous Mariner Moose.

Celebrating on the field with the famous Mariner Moose.

Let’s take a look at some of the perks enjoyed at other best workplaces around Washington State:

Zillow: Free ORCA card including ferry transportation. Full access to building fitness center, a game room equipped with a ping pong table, frequent company-wide happy hours, themed parties, and a yearly budget for morale events.

F5 Networks: On-site massages, meals to go from their café, referral bonuses, on-site gym, transportation stipends, and a runners’ club.

Expedia: Each employee is given a $250 travel voucher on their first day of employment. As an employee’s years of service increase, so does the amount of the travel bonus.

Hornall Anderson: Beer and wine taps in the café, playfully-themed conference rooms, monthly art exhibit featuring employee work, complimentary juice and soda cooler, on-site dry cleaning, a private room for quiet meditation or naps, and a company-sponsored softball team.

Suffice to say, Washington boasts some AMAZING places to work!

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