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Trupanion Partners with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter

This little guy is one of the many pets awaiting adoption at the Shelter
This little girl named Heather, is one of the many pets awaiting adoption at the Shelter

As a partner in our shelter program, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter will now be able to offer a bit of peace of mind to dog and cat adopters – with no upfront costs. With our 30-day coverage program, new pet parents can now know that if their furry friend has an unexpected illness or injury after leaving the shelter, they can get needed veterinary help without the financial burden. The Trupanion plan covers 90 percent of veterinary expenses with no upfront costs or payout limits.

“We never want to hear that veterinary bills are the reason behind an animal being brought into the shelter and surrendered to us,” said Mary Martin, the shelter’s executive director. “The Trupanion program helps us ensure that the animals we place in homes won’t be coming back to us for that reason.”

Haiku is one of the shelter's dogs awaiting adoption
Haiku is one of the shelter’s many dogs hoping to find a “forever home.”

The shelter’s veterinary team examines every pet at the Santa Fe facility, providing detailed medical records used to determine any pre-existing conditions that dogs or cats may have. After a $250 deductible, all conditions not considered pre-existing will then be covered at 90 percent, with no payout limits per year, per condition, or over the lifetime of the pet. And there are no waiting periods – coverage starts immediately.

This no-obligation insurance certificate is designed exclusively for nonprofit animal shelters. Within the next several months, we plan to grow and expand the shelter program. The more shelters we can partner with, the more pet owners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with pet insurance.


About the Santa Fe Animal Shelter
The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is the largest animal shelter and care facility in Northern New Mexico, serving more than 10,000 lost, stray, abandoned or injured animals each year. The mission of the private nonprofit is to reduce animal suffering by curbing overpopulation, teaching compassion, and supporting healthy relationships between people and animals. To find out more about the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, visit

If you are interested in more information on Trupanion’s shelter program, call Trupanion’s shelter support team at 877.589.1836.

If you have questions about the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and what they are doing throughout the Santa Fe community, contact Ben Swan at 505.603.8075.

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