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This Week in Testimonials – 8/16

My vet (Red Bank VH) said, and I quote, that “Trupanion was pretty good to deal with. In fact, they were pleasure”. I agree. I’m a 100% Trupanion fan. -Bill G.

I have Trupanion for my 3 dogs & 4 cats, and I finally had to use it for the first time when my oldest dog recently had an emergency costing us around $7000. I also have pet insurance through another company for my rabbit (most companies do not offer exotic insurance) and unfortunately have had to use it quite a bit for her. I just want to say THANK YOU to Trupanion for actually covering what they say. There were no hidden deductions and they covered exactly what I was expecting–NINTY PERCENT minus exam fees & deductible. Compared to the other company I use with my rabbit that claim the same amount of coverage but actually worked out to more like 50% because of all the ridiculous little things they don’t cover but don’t tell you about (like “medical waste” and other little fees that add up). Trupanion is truly a company that is honest & cares. I have also had nothing but positive experiences with customer service, and love that they are located here in Seattle. VERY happy with everything, thank you Trupanion!! -Margaret D.

I’ve heard some bad stories about pet insurances but you guys have pulled through for Sasha! Thanks for the speedy approvals and quick turn around for our claims. -Maria D.

THANK YOU Trupanion for caring for our cutie Sarge for the last 3 yrs! We signed him up the day he arrived as a healthy 9 week old puppy. Little did we know the journey we’d share these 3 years. He was trained to be my service dog and despite some struggles with food allergies, he became a wonderful SD! We were horrified, upon baseline screenings shortly before turning 2, that SD Sarge was sick with cardiomyopathy! We are so grateful to have you on board so we could get Sarge the best vet care possible! We immediately retired him and he enjoys sleeping his days away by my side as a wonderful pet now!

Sarge has been dealing with a lot of GI issues recently, and I think over the last 3 years we’ve spent close to $20,000 in vet care. We couldn’t have done it without your help! Claims are reimbursed quickly and we constantly share the importance of Trupanion in every pets life! Sarge’s journey is a huge testament to the importance of pet insurance in keeping our pets healthy & happy! We are grateful for you Trupanion! THANK YOU for helping us take the very best care of our best friend!! -Kelly H.

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Feeling SO grateful 4 @Trupanion. Priscilla needs & they’re coming thru BIG TIME. Skeptical of pet insurance before, will never go w/o again -@RachelFineMusic

I can’t praise @Trupanion enough. You guys came through big time. Can’t wait to have this face come home #Priscilla -@RichieWilsonNYC

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