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This Week in Testimonials – 8/30

Trupanion pet insurance is always there when you need them. They keep you updated, are fast and efficient. Certainly gives me peace of mind that I will never have to wonder about money vs health. -Cindy G.

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Here’s my Jada Girl!! You guys have been an absolute pleasure to work with for all her claims with her terrible ear infections due to allergies….we are slowing getting better!! Thanks so much Trupanion for all your help!! -Kathy C.

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We love Trupanion!!! They are fabulous with keeping us posted on claims and has been there through our heart aches. Wouldn’t have our fur babies with out them!!! -Vanessa J.

I have now had Trupanion for 4.5 years and I am beyond thrilled! Great people, great service, lightening fast claims payment. Had an issue when the company was moving its offices, which is understandable, and one time when a new claims person misunderstood how my vet works and that I never pay for office visits. That situation was resolved quickly. I have never regretted signing Layla up with Trupanion and have recommended it to dozens of people. One of them took out policies for all SIX of her dogs! -Diane T.

I am so grateful to Trupanion Insurance, that Edison will be turning 16 years old on Saturday. Having Trupanion means that I can make decisions about his healthcare based on his needs alone, and not based on finances. He is the best dog friend I have ever had, and I am glad that I can care for him the way that he deserves! -Shanan R.

Thank you for caring so much for our pets! Your wonderful company is the reason I can get the very best care for Sarge!! -Kelley H.

Trupanion was my dog’s lifesaver ! -Mike B.

Thank you Trupanion! I cannot express the words I have…. though Maelee is not out of the woods yet, approving her claim, and knowing she is in the best of hands…gives me hope that she will live. My folks just switched to Trupanion this am…. I know so many people with pets, who will likely sign up for this insurance, thank you, thank you…… -Elizabeth S.

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