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11 Adorable Dog and Cats with Mustaches

Pets have been born with amazing and unique markings such as an “eyepatch” (a spot of different colored fur around the eye), heart-shaped markings, freckles, and more. But have you ever seen a pet with a mustache? Here are 11 dogs and cats with mustache markings! How dapper!

black and white mustache puppy

This puppy with a mustache

mustache black dog outside

And all grown up

white puppy mustache

Another puppy with a curly mustache

hamilton mustache cat

Hamilton the mustache cat who has his own Instagram and Facebook pages!

persian mustache cat black and white

Austin the Persian

black and white mustache cat

A cat mustache in black and white

Gray cat mustache

A smiley mustache

white cat mustache

The pointy mustache

black cat small mustache

The itty bitty mustache

Orange cat old man mustache

The old man mustache

office dog with mustache and tie

So this isn’t a real mustache, but it still is darn cute!

Does your pet have any interesting or unique markings? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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3 Responses to 11 Adorable Dog and Cats with Mustaches

  1. BJ says:

    My Blue Cream Smoke Persian, TC Persian, is a well known kitty with his famous moustache on the internet !!!

  2. Tony Yu says:

    What about a Shiba Inu sitting in a box with a uni brow?


  3. James says:

    The cat with the black and white mustache is my lil one. His name is G, and his Instagram is @realmustachecat. Check him out some time!

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