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5 Innovative Fun Dog Products

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If you’ve owned a dog for a long time, most of their stuff has probably seen better days. Those squeaky toys that used to keep your dog entertained? They just aren’t cutting it any more. And how about caring for your dog…not as exciting as it used to be? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plenty of owners experience these issues, and new products are constantly being developed to make everything easier. Follow this guide to find out some of the newer, more innovative dog products on the market.

“Dog Is Good” Water Bottle:
Think of this as the Marriott of water bottles. When you need to hydrate your dog, simply let him/her drink out of it like a normal water bottle. It has a ball bearing that controls water flow. Don’t worry – you can open it from a different part to fill it with water and clean it. Want more? Unscrew the top of the water bottle and it’s a cup. The “Dog Is Good” bottle has a neat and simple design, and will fit in your car’s cup holder. For 20 bucks, you can’t beat it.

Buster Dog Maze:
This is the perfect solution for the dog who’s constantly begging for food. Simply drop some food into this miniature maze, and the dog will have to use its senses and tongue to push the food along until it comes out. The advantage? It will take your dog a long time to eat. So it’s easier for you to reduce their calories. And, it’s only $27.95.

Leash Plus:
This is what you need if you like being very active with your dog. If you’ve ever had to return to your car during the day to feed your dog, tried to run with a backpack, or something similar – you can kiss that all goodbye. This leash has everything you need attached to it. A pop up water bowl? Check. A container for food? Check. Trash bags you can pull out? That too. How about a flashlight and clock to top it all off. For $18.99, it’s a steal.

There’s not much to say about this, other than it’s just cool. Simply order this mini window for $34.95, and watch your pet suddenly take interest in your backyard again. It’s durable and easy to install on your wooden or vinyl fence, and it’s a great conversation starter. Just make sure you don’t have any neighbors where it’s being installed; you don’t want a snoop dog, after all.

The TreadWheel:
Here it is, the grand finale. It’s $475 – I had to let that be known right away. The thing is, the TreadWheel is just so convenient. Think of the hamster you had when you were a kid. It would spin around on that wheel all day long. Well now you can have that wheel – in a full sized, meant-for-dogs version! It’s comfortable and safe for your dog, so they can run on it anytime they want. Say goodbye to those dreaded walks. The dog will take care of its exercise!

Jessica McNeal is a gadget lover and a proud owner of multiple dogs. Jessica purchases pet ID tags from Ketchum Mfg. She tries to make sure her dogs are always getting the most enjoyment possible.

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