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Monthly Archives: September 2013

11 Adorable Dog and Cats with Mustaches

Pets have been born with amazing and unique markings such as an “eyepatch” (a spot of different colored fur around the eye), heart-shaped markings, freckles, and more. But have you ever seen a pet with a mustache? Here are 11

Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat attacked by raccoon

Poor Tiga the 4-year-old cat recently had a run-in with a raccoon, leaving him with many wounds and a trip to the vet. The poor kitty was hospitalized for 5 days before he could go home and rest. His care

The Pupkin Plunge: Dunking for Charity

What could be better than having the opportunity to dunk your boss in a pool of water? Or maybe that co-worker that has been teasing you lately? On Friday, September 13, we hosted a charity event here at the Trupanion

What’s Your Pet’s Superhero Name?

Check out this fun little graphic and tell us what your pet’s superhero name would be! Keep in mind that this is just for fun and is based on letters of the alphabet which means it will not necessarily be

New Breed Guide Photos

We decided it was time to spruce up our breed guide and what better way to do this than by featuring photos of your pets? During the month of June, we collected photo submissions for all dog and cat breeds that are listed