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What’s Your Pet’s Superhero Name?

Check out this fun little graphic and tell us what your pet’s superhero name would be! Keep in mind that this is just for fun and is based on letters of the alphabet which means it will not necessarily be entirely accurate to your pet.
pet superhero name graphic chart hero

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8 Responses to What’s Your Pet’s Superhero Name?

  1. Dee Rose says:

    Jasper has been awarded the title of Lancelot.
    for his compaassion and concern for his blind brother and sister.

  2. Tara Sommers says:

    snoop’s hero name is Captain Boo Radley Raddakiss

  3. Tara Sommers says:

    Snoop loves to kiss and he is Rad!

  4. Kenneth Dunlap says:

    Sandy’s superhero name is “Hurricane Sandy”.she’s fast runs n circles & rips anything up that’s in her path!she is a loving & fun dog to have!

  5. Cheryl Ritzel says:

    I work with a school yearbook class and our theme is Superheroes. We were wondering if we could have permission to use the “What is Your Pet’s Superhero Name?” Graphic you created above on one of the pages in our book. It would be printed in 1300 copies of the school yearbook.

    We would use it as it is – no changes – and we’d leave the trupanion logo at the bottom and would be happy to credit the creator or website or both on the page.

    Thanks for your time.

  6. Stacy Painter says:

    You guys should re-share this again. 🙂

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