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This Week in Testimonials – 9/6

Thank you once again, Trupanion, for assisting with Marvy’s medical fees. I would have been lost this summer, if it weren’t for your covering a hefty portion of what needed to be paid out. I can absolutely vouch for Trupanion Pet Insurance – so much so, I really should be selling your insurance. -Jacque L.

This is why Willow is insured! She’ll eat anything! Including tomatoes plundered from the garden! Thanks Trupanion! -Amy H.

OH MY WEIM! Can I just tell you (for the umpteenth time) how wonderful Trupanion Pet Insurance is???? My girl had surgery yesterday. I got an estimate of cost from the vet, did a pre-authorization with the insurance company — and THEY HAVE ALREADY PROCESSED MY CLAIMS! It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I picked Abby up from the vet! I <3 Trupanion! They know reimbursement is important! My bill was $704 for yesterday. Part of that was ineligible (which I knew, because it was routine care, the titer I had done for distempter and parvo to determine if vaccination was necessary this year). They have paid $594 of the cost! God bless Trupanion! -Kathy G.

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the coverage and protection my sweet Ana has had. -Melanie B.

border collie dog in grass outside summer trupanion pet insurance

I ,m greatful that we had this insurance when our best friend Fritz was not able to walk again,Ty so much, -Sally C.

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