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72 Sweet Cuddling Pet Photos

There’s nothing better than snuggling pets, and fall is a great time for everyone to cuddle up and stay warm with each other. This week’s giveaway collected your snuggling pet photos, whether the pets were snuggling with other pets, toys, blankets, or their owners. Here are a few of our favorites and a slide show of all the photos we received!

snuggling sphynx cat pet insurance Trupanion
Jacob, shared by Tracy B.

snuggle striped kitty cat kitten pet insurance Trupanion blanket warm cuddle toy
Jonathan, shared by Mary D.
sleeping puppy dog on couch blanket Trupanion pet insurance
Photo shared by Meagan K
two torties cats kittens cuddling snuggle pet insurance Trupanion
Opal and Twyla, shared by Cathy M.
yellow labrador retriever puppy cuddle sleep with chocolate lab dog pet insurance Trupanion
Sophie and Jasmine, shared by Marie N.
three sleeping cats kitties brown and tan pet insurance Trupanion
Vinny, Linus and Rider, shared by Leanne F.
german shepherd dog sleeping with kitten snuggle cuddle pet insurance Trupanion
Ruby and a kitten, shared by Sujata C.

Do you have a great snuggling photo of your pet(s)? Please feel free to email them to us at socialmedia@trupanion.com

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