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Five Canine Accessories to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy

Dogs are essentially another member of the family, so their health and safety should be a top priority for any pet owner. Luckily, it is relatively easy and cheap to keep your dog safe and healthy. If you purchase these five accessories, then you can avoid many worries about your dog’s health and safety.

A Collar, Of Course!
Bubbles the Dachshund is covered by Trupanion pet insuranceWhile collars are primary used to aid in walking your dog, they are an essential accessory for every dog. Your dog is still going to need to wear a dog collar even if they do not require a leash or do not go on walks. Dog collars are the perfect place to display vaccination tags and a tag with your home address. All of these items will ensure that your beloved pet is returned home safely instead of taken to the pound if they happen to escape from your home. This is more affordable than many microchip options.

All Dogs Deserve Toys
There are few pet accessories that can maintain your dog’s health like dog toys. It is essential to keep a dog active to maintain their health. A dog can become overweight quickly if they do not get enough exercise, which can potentially cause more health problems as they age. While you may walk your dog, or they may get exercise outside, dog toys are the best way to keep your dog active when they are stuck in the house. Any experienced dog owner will tell you that dogs will find toys that aren’t toys if you don’t provide them to them. Keep your dog safe from chewing on dangerous or poisonous items by helping them identify the difference between toys and everything else.

Dog with toys

A Bed
Dogs need to get proper sleep in order to have energy the next day just like humans, and there is no better way to allow your dog to sleep better than with a dog bed. While your dog may be willing to sleep on the floor, a soft dog bed is going to provide them much more comfort and avoid some issues with posture, etc. Letting the dog sleep on the couch or your own bed works, too. Though, it can mean dog hair all over the place! Avoid the mess and get your dog its own bed.

A Flea Comb
There are several dog combs that are the perfect accessories to keep your dog healthy. A flea comb will allow you to comb your dog’s hair and remove any potential fleas at the same time. A shedding comb will remove all of the excess dog hair off of their body, which will reduce the amount of hair they shed in your home.

Even A Toothbrush and Toothpaste!
It may feel weird to brush your dog’s teeth, but it is the best way to maintain their dental health. If you brush your dog’s teeth, then you will remove many of the risks of them developing harmful diseases in their mouth.

While there are hundreds of dog accessories that will keep your dog healthy and safe, these five are among the most effective. Your dog is a loving member of your family, so either get these kinds of accessories or find alternatives to help keep them safe and fit.


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