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How to entertain your dog in 4 easy steps

squirrel dog toy puzzle
Squirrel Dude

Just like humans, dogs are bound to get bored at times when they are laying lazily around the house and nothing exciting is happening. If your dog seems to need a little pick-me-up, try one of these easy suggestions!

  1. Go for a walk. Dogs love walking, plus exercise is great for their (and your) health! Get outside and let them explore the neighborhood or a nearby park for some mental and physical stimulation.
  2. Get a puzzle toy and fill it with treats.
    Kong treat release toy dog
    Kong Genius treat release toy

    Our dogs’ ancestors had to hunt and forage for food which means your pet is naturally inclined to work for his/her food. Putting treats or kibble inside of a puzzle toy creates that challenge and gives your dog something to work for with a reward at the end. Several different puzzle toys are suggested in the photos on this blog post.

  3. Human interaction. There’s nothing your pet loves more than your attention. Get down on the floor with your fur pal and give him/her some good belly rubs, snuggles, wrestle, play tug-o-war, play chase, play hide-and-seek, the list goes on! Playing with your pet not only relieves boredom but also shows you care.
  4. Teach an old dog new tricks.
    green linkables dog treat toy

    Regardless of your pet’s age, you can teach him or her a new trick. Depending on your dog and the trick you choose to teach, it may take a few hours or several days to master. The concentration and mental stimulation will take your dog’s mind off of being bored. Consider starting with a simpler trick such as shake or turn around (my dog knows this one as ‘twirl’).

What is your dog’s favorite form of entertainment? Do you have anything you would add to this list? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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