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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Cat fell 5 stories

wylie kitty cat pet insurance TrupanionWylie is a 2-year-old mixed-breed cat who recently tested the 9 lives theory. The poor kitty fell 5 stories out of a New York apartment!

He was taken to the emergency veterinary hospital where X-rays were taken. Wylie spent 3 days at the hospital receiving IV fluids, medication, aneshtesia and surgery on his broken bones. He has had to make weekly return visits to the vet to change his bandages.

wylie cat casts pet insurance TrupanionFortunately, after plenty of rest and recovery time, Wylie will be back to his normal wild man self, as his owner puts it.

Total claim amount: $4,514.00
Deductible applied: -$330
Ineligible costs (exam fee): -$150
10% co-insurance: -$403.39
Trupanion repaid: $3,630.61

“I have nothing but amazing things to say about Trupanion,” said Wylie’s owner Allison.

This story is a great example of why pet insurance can be seriously helpful. We never know what our pets might get into, or the injuries they may accidentally cause themselves which could lead to expensive veterinary bills. We are so glad we were able to help with Wylie’s veterinary care and thank you to Allison for sharing his story and photos with us!

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