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Pet of the Week: Chips

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What a cutie! Say hello to this week’s Pet of the Week, Chips!


My name is Chips, but my owners sometimes call me “Chippers” or “Chippies”.
I am a Frenchie (French Bulldog) and am 1 years old. My owners say I am very smart and very silly. I know lots of tricks like shake, high five, roll over, sit pretty and bow. Although, I know the meaning of, “come”, I am stubborn and usually ignore my owner. Some people have said I look like Yoda…but, I bed to differ….I am way cuter.

My favorite toy is a 4 ft. long stuffed alligator with tons of squeakers in it. At least once a day I do what my owners call, “The Frenchie 500” (kinda like the Indy 500 for Frenchies) where I tear through the house in a convoluted lap, under tables and through furniture, 2-3 laps at full speed.

I am known for my love of snuggles….If you are sitting or lying down, I will likely, come up and cuddle up on top of you or push my body as close to you as possible.

I am know for making some very strange sounds and noises. On top of the usual “piggy noises” that most Frenchies make, I have what my owners call the “Gremlin” noise that I do when excited and playing. There’s simply no other way to describe the sound, than to say it sounds exactly like a Gremlin….hee hee…

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