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Pet of the Week: Gracie

black dog dachshund in the sun outside deck


Say hello to this week’s Pet of the Week, a sweet Dachshund named Gracie.

My name is Gracie. I just turned 6 years old on Oct 14th. I’m originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. My family is in the military so I’ve had the occasion to fly from Hawaii to Washington D.C. and just recently Washington D.C. to Salt Lake City, Utah, which is where I live now. My best buddies are Jack and Scrubs. We share the same father, ironically, according to my owner. My owner, best friend, Jonnee, came back to the same pet store where she found Jack and Scrubs six months earlier and saw I was last puppy left in my litter, all alone in my cage. I was so happy when she rescued me.

I enjoy going in the car and do a dance and beg to go with Jonnee and usually get to go if it’s on the weekend. I am well-behaved in the car too. I like to sleep under the covers at night in bed. I’m small enough not to take up the whole bed. After breakfast, Jack and Scrubs like to chase me and nip at my heels. I’m pretty good at standing my ground and they get tired of me after a few minutes. During the day we all get the pleasure of having a doggy door to go in-and-out and some times we get locked in because Jack and Scrubs bark at anything. I have a great life, especially when I get to go out on our deck and sit in the sun.

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