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This Week in Testimonials – 10/18

Scooter is our 2 yr old Maltipoo we signed up for Trupanion a few months back just as a precaution and we are glad we did. Being the rambunctious pup he is he took a nasty fall on our wood floors damaging his knee joint. He needed surgery X-rays etc..and I have to say you guys are awesome! Received 90%back after deductible and agents are so friendly and helpful! Thanks so much for helping us get our lil guy back on his feet running and jumping again 100% loving Trupanion -Koryn T.

white maltipoo licking ice cream cone dog pet insurance Trupanion

My dog will have had a root canal before I’ve needed one but at least we’ll save her biggest tooth. Pet insurance, I love you. @Trupanion -@nononsensedani

Thanks for the continued peace of mind, Trupanion! -Amy H.

Thanks to the folks at Oakhurst Vet for taking such good care of Chile and thanks to the folks at Trupanion for taking such good care of our bill, making this experience way less painful than it mighta otherwise been. -Stella S.

gray cat trupanion pet insurance

I just want to thank you for all the support and help while we dealt with Beau’s chemo and his final moments. I know that without Trupanion, I would not have been able to afford the treatments that kept him with us for the additional 9 months. Thank you. -Laura L.

golden retriever dog pet insurance Trupanion

.@Trupanion is the best. Without their coverage, ET’s health bills would make me cry. Highly recommend to any pet owner -@iamnatasha

Just got a check from @Trupanion for Chopper’s injury. I love them! -@mkeys724

jack russell terrier dog with cast on leg pet insurance Trupanion

So glad to have Trupanion, and they are better than another company I had tried. Speedy reimbursements and good service! -Marsha F.

Love Trupanion they have done exactly what they say -Bob C.

Thank you Trupanion for your support in the spinal surgeries my dog Radar had and he is now able to run on the beach again after a dog attack last year that left his back legs paralyzed. -Andra Y.

dog running in sand

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