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Monthly Archives: November 2013

This Week in Testimonials – 11/29

My absolutely amazing dogs! Pockets is the yorkie he’s 1 1/2 years old and Bristol the retriever is almost 11 years old! My best friends! Thanks for being there for us TRUPANION! -Wenda P.

Why you shouldn’t cancel your pet insurance

Often times, we are faced with difficult decisions, especially when it comes to finances. When we look for ways to cut spending, pet insurance may be on the chopping block since your pet has been healthy so far and you’ve

This Week in Testimonials – 11/22

@Trupanion you guys are fantastic and I love the tags. Here are my guys sporting their fab tags. pic.twitter.com/flBg4WB96A -@jenluce Kujo April 7- August 10, 2013 Trupanion Pet Insurance is the absolute best company. They paid out $9500 from a

Four Helpful Tips For Keeping You and Your Dog Healthy

Protecting the health of your dog is an important job for owners who take the responsibility of caring for a pet. In addition to merely keeping your pets healthy, there are ways that you can nurture you dog that simultaneously

Cat Breeds with Long Lifespans

When looking to bring a new kitten or cat into your life, you might take long lifespan into consideration so you have plenty of years to spend with your new best friend. While most cat breeds generally live about 12-17 years,