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4 Tips for Getting Your Pet Ready for the Holiday Season

dachshund holiday ornamentsSpending the holidays with your pet is the perfect way to enjoy the season. However, it is important to keep in mind that the holidays can be stressful for pets as they are introduced to new visitors and may need to become accustomed to new routines. Here are four tips to help you get your pet ready for enjoying the beauty of the holiday season.

Set Up a Safe Area
Although you may excited to start setting out your holiday decorations, you will need to carefully consider how your pet may react. Christmas ornaments and other baubles are often viewed as new toys by dogs and cats. Your pet may also be taken aback if your house suddenly becomes overcrowded with new people. Therefore, plan ahead and provide your pet with a safe place they can go to relax. Also, be sure your décor is pet-friendly and safe.

Schedule a Checkup
During the holidays, colder weather and exposure to other animals can take its toll on your pet. Be sure to schedule a checkup at a local veterinary hospital in Columbus. During this checkup, ask about vaccinations your pet may need to stay healthy through the holidays. Then, keep the number handy should an emergency arise during holiday festivities. Also, be sure to ask about how you can best take care of your specific pet during the cold weather, since some pets might need to be groomed differently or wear special clothing.

Make Travel Arrangements
Whether your pet will be boarding at a kennel or sticking by your side, you will need to make travel arrangements that ensure their health and safety. For those staying at a kennel, reserve your spot several weeks in advance. If your favorite pet will be traveling with you, then make sure you select lodging and transportation options that will be comfortable for your pet, and that also allow for your type of pet.

Plan for Surprises
Celebrating the holidays with your pet is an excellent way to keep the wonder of the season alive. Surprise your pet by offering them presents that will keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Providing your pet with new toys will give them something to do on cold winter days, while also helping them to relax.

Getting your pet ready for the holiday season is a great way to check up on their health, while planning for some fun activities that will keep your pet stimulated throughout the winter months. As you make your holiday plans, be sure to stick to pet-friendly decorations and activities that are not overwhelming for your pet. Then, introduce them to your family and friends while making sure they have a safe space in which they can retreat as needed. This will not only help your pet to remain healthy, but it will also ensure that everyone can enjoy this special time of the year.

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